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Becoming Singaporean
China-born Ou Ningfei, Indian national Mark Sathyan and Israeli Dr Ori Sasson are immigrants who have made Singapore their home. They share their experiences and challenges integrating into society.
The Straits Times
New citizens’ contribution to Singapore
New citizens share how they integrate and contribute to a better Singapore.
School of Science and Technology Singapore
Becoming Singaporean: What It’s Like To Grow Up In A Filipino Migrant Family
What's it like trying to integrate in a new land, when you're homesick teenagers self-conscious about fitting in? Crish and Carl Cruz arrived in Singapore with their parents and younger siblings in 2007, from their native Philippines.
Residents turn void deck into urban garden filled with plants, books and free food
More than just a green hub, this urban garden in Bishan brings residents together with 24/7 community fridges, sustainable practices and a sense of belonging.
The Pride
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Welcome to Singapore
Welcome to Singapore