I have just received my Approval-In-Principle letter issued by ICA. However, I am unable to log in to the SC Journey portal. What should I do?
If you are required to complete the Singapore Citizenship Journey, you may log into the portal with your Singpass 3 days after the letter has been issued to you. For example, if the letter is dated 1 May, you may log in from 4 May onwards. However, if you are still unable to log in after 3 days, please click here for the online contact form, or email us at and we will assist you.
What is the Singapore Journey?
Singapore Journey The Singapore Journey website is a space where you will find information about Singapore, stories of ordinary people making a difference in their communities, opportunities to take part in arts, community, heritage and sports activities, and more!

Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are on a shared journey as we live, work, study and play in Singapore. Discover more about what it means to be Singaporean, our history and culture, our way of life, and how we can play a part for our communities.
What is the Singapore Citizenship Journey?

Singapore Citizenship Journey


The Singapore Citizenship Journey is a mandatory programme for Singapore citizenship applicants, aged 16 to 60 years old, who have been granted in-principle approval for Singapore citizenship.


Participants can log in to the Singapore Citizenship Journey via the Singapore Journey website.

What is the purpose of the SC Journey?
The SC Journey aims to enrich new citizens’ understanding of the key milestones in Singapore’s history and development, deepen their appreciation of Singaporean norms and values, as well as provide opportunities for meaningful interaction with their local community.
What are the components in SC Journey?
The three components in SC Journey are:
  1. e-Journey - an online journey that introduces new citizens to our shared values, responsibilities as citizens, society and way of life, arts and culture, history, National Symbols and systems, and aspirations for our future.
  2. Singapore Experiential Visit – a half-day event that brings new citizens to key historical landmarks and national institutions where they will learn about our history and how we overcome national challenges in different domains such as urban planning, transport, water resources, as well as security and defence.
  3. Community Sharing Session – a session where new citizens meet fellow residents and community volunteers from their constituency. During the session, new citizens reflect on their journey towards citizenship and their hopes and aspirations for Singapore, and learn how they can actively participate in the community. Integration & Naturalisation Champions from the People’s Association will also share their experience living in a multi-cultural community, and provide information to help new citizens better settle in.
I received the SC Journey completion email and have not completed the post-programme survey. However, I am unable to log in to the SC Journey portal to complete the survey. Why?
After completing the programme, your SC Journey account will be disabled if you have not accessed the SC Journey portal for more than 30 days. The post-programme survey is optional and will not affect your citizenship application. You may click here for the online contact form, or email us at to share your post-programme feedback, if any.
Who can I contact regarding overseas travel and passport matters?
You may contact the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at