The three components in SC Journey are:

  1. e-Journey – an online journey that introduces new citizens to our shared values, responsibilities as citizens, society and way of life, arts and culture, history, National Symbols and systems, and aspirations for our future.
  2. Singapore Experiential Visit – a half-day event that brings new citizens to key historical landmarks and national institutions where they will learn about our history and how we overcome national challenges in different domains such as urban planning, transport, water resources, as well as security and defence.
  3. Community Sharing Session – a session where new citizens meet fellow residents and community volunteers from their constituency. During the session, new citizens reflect on their journey towards citizenship and their hopes and aspirations for Singapore, and learn how they can actively participate in the community. Integration & Naturalisation Champions (INCs) from the People’s Association will also share their experience living in a multi-cultural community, and provide information to help new citizens better settle in.