Chapter 3: Our Society and Way of Life
Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 3 Quiz

It’s time for a quiz! Answer 5 questions to test yourself on what you have just learned. You can attempt the quiz as many times as you want. Good luck!

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What is a language spoken by the Peranakans that is a result of the intermarriages between people of different heritage?

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I have just moved to Singapore, and I am excited to dine out at the hawker centres and try some of the local cuisine. What are some behaviours or social norms that I should follow?

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Last month, a new neighbour moved into the flat next to mine. They have a dog which I suspect has been urinating near my shoe cabinet and plants. How should I respond or try to resolve this?

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What are some ways we can be a responsible citizen online?

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I am invited by my friend to her Valaikaapu ceremony, held during the 7th month of pregnancy, to celebrate the approaching birth of her child. What is customary to bring as a gift?

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