Chapter 1: Our Shared Values
Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 1 Quiz

It’s time for a quiz! Answer 5 questions to test yourself on what you have just learned. You can attempt the quiz as many times as you want. Good luck!

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What are some ways we can strive to maintain racial and religious harmony in Singapore?

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Why did then-Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong suggest the need for Singapore to adopt a set of shared national values?

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What are some ways we can practise/live out the shared value 'community support and respect for the individual'?

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What shared value does this example demonstrate? I am involved in a group project where some of my team members have strong differing views to mine. However, I try to understand the perspective of others and note down all ideas for consideration instead of being confrontational and pushing for my own viewpoint.

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What does it mean to place 'nation before community and society above self'?

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